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Level two recap and bug fixes

Published 2 years ago

Since the creation of level two would've taken ages to cover, and we already know how to build out our own levels by now, I did so behind the scenes and stored all of the new level code within this video's GitHub source code link.

If you need that code, you can find it by clicking the purple button above.

This video also covers a few bug fixes that I found while creating level two. Specifically, they are:

  • Go to next level at 8000ms instead of 5000ms on level complete

  • Play music again when levelSelect is called and new level starts

  • Make sure currentLevel is actually changed when you beat level

  • Change audioWinLevel to audioObtainPowerUp and added in code

  • Fix fireball splicing

If you'd like to be completely up-to-date with my code, be sure to integrate the changes from the GitHub source code and you should be good to go.


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XxCFxX posted 2 years ago

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