“Thank you for making the playlist for these HTML5 Canvas courses. The BEST break down I've seen so far! You explain the reasoning behind the code so clear. Your website is amazing!”

Ms. A
Commenter, YouTube

“Every video from this channel is nothing else but a masterpiece. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!”

Commenter, YouTube

“Damn, you're extraordinary good in pointing out / explaining the problem. This makes following the solution so much easier. Thank you!”

Manuel Penaloza
Commenter, YouTube

“Wow. What a treat it is to have such a clear, concise and informative material presented by you, Chris. Your channel and The Coding Train are by far, my favorite places to learn here on YouTube. Thank you for all that you do. Cheers!”

Jason Rueckert
Commenter, YouTube

“There are courses on udemy costing real $$$ which are garbage compared to the way you explain stuff. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge.”

Sam Dave Pollard
Commenter, YouTube

“Teaching is a second nature for you chris!! big up bro”

Mamun Mokni
Commenter, YouTube

“I've been searching for so long trying to find a good canvas tutorial which will FINALLY give me a great start, and I've been told alot, but so far this has made the most sense. Awesome!”

Commenter, YouTube

“Dude, You are awesome. This is my first time with canvas. Because of your excellent videos. I got all in one pack. Thanks for your time.”

Abhishek Baliyan
Commenter, YouTube

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