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Sound and audio

Published 5 months ago

Sound and audio usually comes later in a game's development process, but it definitely should not be neglected—good sound can really make or break a game in the end.

I compiled a list of sounds (mostly open source) that we can use throughout our game. Most of the sounds were from the awesome sound artist ivyism over at

I renamed the sounds from this file to match our game's corresponding actions, so if you'd like the files that match the video exactly, be sure to click the "Video Source Code" button to download the audio.

We'll also be using a third party library to manage our sounds, The native JavaScript audio object doesn't allow for audio objects to overlap each other by default, so I want to use something a little more robust. Howler fits the bill perfectly. To import Howler, take the code snippet from the code snippets tab up above and paste it as the first item within your index.html file.


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