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Getting Started with Web Development

Published 3 years ago

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So you decided you want to learn web development... congratulations! Making the decision to start is the first step towards becoming proficient in any skillset.

This series of videos, quizzes, and code challenges will provide you with the base knowledge you need in order to become a web developer. Specifically, we'll be covering the language HTML: Hypertext Markup Language.

In its simplest form, writing HTML looks something like this:

<h1>Hello world!</h1>

As you can see, text is wrapped inside an opening <h1> and a closing </h1> tag. When this code is read by a browser such as Chrome, Safari, or FireFox, the browser renders the text in a specific format (large, small, bold, italic, etc.), dependent on the type of tag used.

The h1 tag (stands for heading tag) will render the text contained within it into large, bold text like so:

Hello world!

There are a number of tags you can use within the world of HTML, but typically, you'll stick to using 10-20 overall.

As we continue this journey, you'll be introduced to the most important tags you need to know as a web developer, how to use them, and why we use them compared other tags.


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