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Typography and Font Styling

Published 2 years ago

Getting the right fonts onto your site is tricky at first, but can have a huge impact on how professional your site looks.

If you ever need a good site to obtain free, professional-grade fonts, I'd almost always recommend using This is my go-to site for using premium-level fonts on all of my projects because of how simple the fonts are are to get setup with.

All you need to do is select which font you'd like to use, then copy the generated <link> tags Google provides into your site's <head></head> tag.

Once your font is imported, you can reference it using CSS' font-family property which specifies which font family an HTML tag should use when rendered onto a browser.

Other typography properties you should know are font-size, letter-spacing, text-decoration, and text-transform. We'll be covering all of these in depth, along with how to import the Google fonts mentioned above into your project.


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