Video Suggestions for Future Chris Courses Videos
Khadijah posted 2 months ago

Feel free to use this thread to let Chris and I know what videos you'd like to see in the future! We will do our best to add these into our production schedule and get you all the content you really want to see!

alifaraji posted 2 months ago

I saw a lot of great works about threejs in codepen account of chris it would be great if you make videos about threejs . also im using vuejs for nearly 3 months .couple of days ago i decided to switch to nuxtjs but I got confused with all of the new files in nuxt . a nuxt series also can be great. btw thank you chris for all of your effort that you are putting in .english is my second language but your speaking is very clear and i can understand every single word and love your style of teaching . beside your website do you have any plan for your youtube channel? i watched all of your canvas and node authentication videos they are really amazing . please dont forget youtube . thanks in advance


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