Tailwind Framework vs Other CSS Styles
Khadijah posted 4 months ago

Hi Chris!

I see that you use Tailwind in all of your videos. I was curious why you prefer using Tailwind over other means of CSS and how you came to the conclusion that this was best for what you do!


chris posted 4 months ago
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Main reason for using Tailwind over standard CSS or a full-fledged CSS framework like Bootstrap is for the following reasons:

  1. Don't have to think of class names

  2. Class names are standard across all projects, meaning, you don't have to get acclimated to anything new when switching over to another project that uses Tailwind

  3. You don't have to jump files to see how a tag is styled

  4. The class names are so succinct, they do help do away with the issue of inline-styles cluttering your HTML

  5. Easy to copy and paste Tailwind components since you don't need to find any related CSS to copy as well

  6. Only use the exact styles you need (utility CSS allows for flexible customization and small file sizes)

These are just some of the few reasons off the top of my head. I always tell people, inexperienced or experienced, just give Tailwind a good try for 1 - 3 days.

Every single person who has says they don't use anything but Tailwind on their projects anymore.

MammaMia posted 3 months ago

Hi Chris!

With your tutorial about canvas setup, i made that "game" where ***** are flying and if the mouseX and mouseY < 50 .... , then the ***** scales, else scales down.

I'm trying to center the canvas (in the middle of page), but the ***** scales event if mouse is 200px higher, than *****.

Please help. ;)


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