EightBitRx posted 8 months ago
spacecadet posted 8 months ago

I'm just getting into the code now, so maybe I will have better ideas soon. But, as quick first input, I prefer to use the ArrowUp, ArrowDown, ArrowLeft, and ArrowRight keys. But I also noticed a slight movement of the canvas when using them. So, I added this code:

// added minus 5 to prevent canvas from being slightly too large, 
// which caused it to move when using arrow keys
canvas.width = innerWidth - 5
canvas.height = innerHeight - 5

SPURTECH posted 8 months ago

Hi guys im having some movement issues too. When I made the map bigger the ghosts started moving through certain parts including the outer edge which is weird. Any suggestions welcome.

Here's my live site....

Here's my code.....


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