harp34 posted a year ago
chris posted a year ago

For 3D math, I found the following book to be quite helpful, although, I read an earlier edition which honestly is probably going to be cheaper than the one listed on Amazon (you might be able to find a free download somewhere online too):

Knowing the basics behind geometry and trig are super helpful for this kind of work, if you want to get better at those skills, I'd recommend checking out Khan Academy's courses (they helped me get all the skills I have today regarding those topics).

If I'm to make a course that contains more 3D math topics, my best bet is that it'll come sometime after the Pacman and Pokemon courses I'm working on. It would be creating your first 3D game with Three.js which definitely takes some 3D math skill.

Hope that helps a bit!

harp34 posted a year ago

okay thanks. If you make a course for three.js and Math, SIGN ME UP!!! lol


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