zwn101 posted 2 years ago
zwn101 posted 2 years ago

I am facing a problem i have the subscription but can't access to pro courses.Recently i get the pro membership but can't access the courses

chris posted 2 years ago

Hi zwn101, just checked this out, looks like your card's associated bank rejected the attempted payments and the subscription didn't validate as a result. Cards originating from India have stricter checks to go through via Stripe and banks sometimes outright reject the request completely in response.

Another user mentioned the Chris Courses subscription success modal still opened when this happened to them, so I'll need to ensure the modal only shows when the payment is 100% processed instead of pending w the bank.

Nevertheless, can promise you your account was never charged via Stripe, but if you'd like assistance getting through the bank decline, I'd be happy to help, just let me know here or through the contact form 😄

zwn101 posted 2 years ago

yeah my subscription is showing but i can't access the course pretty exited to hop into the course but can't without your help


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