chronix9 posted a year ago
GattoFatto posted a year ago

Me neither

zerogpm posted a year ago

what is the different between pay and free version? Are we getting some advanced content?

chris posted a year ago

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted here, I messaged OP directly through an email chain. I'm posting up a schedule shortly so people can see when videos are coming out, essentially its this:

  • Games 101 Premium Rework - May 6, 2022

  • Pokemon Premium (Conversations with Other Characters) - May 11, 2022

  • Pacman Premium (Sprite Ghosts) - May 11, 2022

If anyone signed up directly for the Pokemon or Pacman courses, and you'd like your subscription to start as soon as premium content is released for those courses, don't hesitate to use the contact form and I'll shoot you a full refund so you can resubscribe when ready, no questions asked.


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