Database Connection and Backend Validation | Node Auth Tutorial – Part 2

May 11th 2017 | 19.3k views

Learn the basics behind creating a user based login system with Node, Express, and Passport.js.

In part two of our Node Authentication series, we cover how to grab form values within our backend, how to create a database, database tables, and well written database fields; how to insert data into our database using Node's mysql package, and how to validate our users' submitted values on the backend using the express-validation package. Included are tips on security and validation that'll ensure your app is as functional as can possibly be (from what I know).

Within Part 3, we will be covering the basics behind hashing our users' passwords (and why we must do this within any password related app), and how to use Passport.js to authenticate users and permit access to restricted pages. Stay tuned.