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Published 6 months ago

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When I first started learning web development, I was able to get text and images displaying in a browser, but when it came to developing interactive games, I was frustrated, baffled, and felt like I really wasn't made out to be a web developer. It seemed like game developers could easily whip up a fully functional game in a few files worth of code, but me, I was just an imposter.

I always attributed it to game developers being born with an innate ability to grasp mathematics and complex functions used throughout their day-to-day programming, but now I know, that's just not the case.

Through much trial and error, I eventually started putting the pieces of the game development puzzle together. I spent MONTHS studying and analyzing other developers canvas pieces, while also taking Khan Academy math courses to truly understand how math and programming work in tandem together to produce a fully functional game. I realized that game development wasn't that hardβ€”it's just that no creators have pieced the puzzle together and presented it in a consumable manner that's easy for beginners.

This course covers everything I've learned during those months worth of learning throughout my eight years of experience. Rather than having you struggle to find the right resources and put all of the pieces together correctly (like I had to do), I've compiled everything into a few hours worth of concise, straight to the point videos, that'll get you started with all of the basics required to program your very own video game.


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