How to Build Web Apps with Node.js - Project Setup

Published 9 months ago

Learn everything you need to know about creating a fully functional authentication system with Nuxt and Node.js


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Catley posted 5 days ago

May I ask purely out of curiosity, did you use Vue because you work with it on a daily basis or because of other reasons?

I'm used to React so haven't looked much into Vue, though planned to, so I really feel like I'm in the deep end with this, but it's a good learning curve!

chris posted 5 days ago

Hey Catley, I'm experienced with Vue and React, and honestly, I chose Vue because I enjoy using it more than react.

Vue came easier to me since .vue files use a syntax closer to traditional web development, I.E. having a section specifically for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all within one file (I'm aware React components have this too—Vue's syntax and structure just seems to be more organized and traditional compared to JSX etc.). I also found managing props, component data, and store data to be much easier to set up compared to React with Redux.

As a result, I decided to go with Vue only for web app projects from that point on.

Really think you'll like it if you stick with it, it's an awesome framework that just gets even better once you start using Nuxt instead of just pure Vue!

S255y posted 9 days ago

Hey! I'm Sally I saw your content on youtube and loved it...please is there a way I can pay for this course only without subscribing to the monthly plan..

chris posted 9 days ago

Hi Sally! If you could shoot me an email using the site's contact form, I'd be more than happy to help you out. Should be able to get you set up very quickly!

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