21. Error Handling

Published a month ago


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jordashtalon posted 23 days ago

I'm curious if there is anyway to globally import swal so that you don't have to import it onto every page? That would be really handy.

chris posted 23 days ago

Indeed, you should be able to register it globally using a Nuxt plugin. Nuxt recently came out with a way to ensure all components inside your component directory are global by default, so thinking about introducing that as well as a global sweet alert import to help save people time with the whole importing deal. Have definitely experienced that and found it annoying myself.

devDale posted a month ago

Hi Chris. Would this app support the use of HTTPS?

chris posted a month ago

Hey Dale, this would indeed support the use of HTTPS, although, it'll be a server-side implementation unrelated to the app's code for the most part. I'll definitely cover that and show you how to get free SSL certificates for life, just might be a little bit of time since I'm in the middle of a studio move this week.

Hang tight, excited to show you how I do it for all of my apps!

devDale posted a month ago

Thank you so much for this video!Would you please be able to show how to launch it next?

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