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Chris Courses is a development education platform that provides free HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tutorials in a clear and concise manner. Through carefully constructed video courses and meticulously crafted written guides, Chris Courses will help you cluster and retain related information as efficiently as possible.

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Christopher Lis

Meet Your Personal Instructor

Christopher Lis is a professional web developer who has worked in the digital industry for 6+ years. With a focus on mdart + creative websites, Chris will teach you how to create apps and sites that look good, yet also make sense from a usability perspective. He currently works as Founder + Lead Developer at the digital creative agency, Resovere, and is responsible for managing all aspects of production related to Chris Courses.

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Christopher Lis
Christopher Lis

Upcoming Courses and
New Site Features

A great web development education requires a well thought out plan, and action to go with it. Below are courses and features I'll be implementing into the website to ensure you get the best web development education possible:

Upcoming Courses

  • Node Authentication and User Registration
  • Webpack 4.0 for Beginners
  • Three.js for Beginners
  • Advanced Canvas Concepts
  • Creating Badass Single Page Apps with Vue.js

Upcoming Site Features

  • Video Progress Tracking
  • Forum / Questions
  • Achievements
  • User Profiles
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Christopher Lis

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All Chris Courses are completely free, meaning you'll never have to pay a cent to watch new tutorials or read new blog posts. That being said, every dollar goes a long way towards shortening the time between releases, reducing the cost of quality equipment, and enhancing the overall production of new tutorials.

Whether you'd like to support the cause, or thank Chris for helping out, you can give back to Chris Courses by donating securely via PayPal or Patreon.

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Christopher Lis