Creating a Logout Button and Dynamic Header | Node Auth Tut - Part 8

Released on July 8th 2017
Length: 07:56

We're at the point where we can log a user into our app, great! But how do we log them out once logged in, and how do we make sure the logout button only shows when they're logged in? The task entails making use of some Passport.js and express-session provided functions, and creating a local data object that can be used within our header's templating system (handlebars file). Follow along, and see exactly how it's done. Video Timeline: --------------- 00:00 - Quick bug fix from the last episode 01:01 - Creating a logout button 03:22 - Creating a dynamically rendered header The Platform: ------------- is a platform in progress whose goal is to educate aspiring and seasoned web developers via story driven learning. Each course tells a different story, and each milestone reveals a different scene. With an expansive universe to explore, you c an track your progress, and gain the necessary skills needed to build your dreams. For updates on the progress of and future videos, join the Chris Courses mailing list at Support Chris Courses Through Patreon: -------------------------------------- Chris Courses Social: --------------------- Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Christopher Lis Social: ----------------------- Twitter: CodePen: Instagram: SoundCloud: